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We create impactful Marketing, Explainer and Promotional videos.

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How it works

First, we talk. We get to know you and your product. After we understand your needs we get back to the office and create a concept and a script that will best deliver your messages to the viewers.
Once we lock down the location and cast we schedule the shooting where we bring your script to life using the best crew members under the sun. From hair & make-up, lighting & sound to directing the video to perfection.
After we have all the raw materials, it's post production time! Our team will be doing the editing, sound and visual effects that will make your video ready for prom.
Presto! You have one awesome video for your product. Now what? Kapish's unique services also include optimization consultation and distribution partners. We need to make sure you reach your audience, right?

Gal Kotzki - Founder

Experienced Filmmaker, Director and Producer with numerous projects in the Film, TV and online industries.

Oren Shraiber - Creative Dir.

Digital Video Expert. Past experience as PM, UX Designer and VidOps (Youtube, Amazon, Vevo and more).

It's all about
the love

Kapish was conceived on a night of passion between film and business way
back in 2014. Our sole purpose is to tell your product's story to the world using
video or animation. When we say world we are talking about your clients, your
investors, your users and just anyone that can push your product forward.

Kapish is both a creative house and a production company under one roof. Our
roof is small but our minds are endless. We make EVERYTHING from concept
to a final video and beyond. Our team has over a decade's experience in both
video production and tech so we'll know what you're talking about even before
you enter the room. So let's get a room shall we? Book an appointment.

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